Get DriveMob Working

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If your DriveMob is not working. These are the things you may doing wrong:

1. Putting the username or password in wrong.- You have been sent the correct user and password
You could be confusing a capital “O” for a 0. Or a Lowercase “l” for a capital “I”
2. Someone else is using your account, so you can’t use it also at the same time.–Never give out your password to anyone.  You find your password by searching your email for “drivemob”  Or filling out the Password Request Form HERE
3. You may be using the wrong DriveMob app. Make sure it says: DriveMob 2
4. You may not be on the internet. Test the internet on your box. Speed Test.

5.  Unplug your Softbox  Router and Modem for 10 minutes. then Plug back in.
6. Your account could be expired:— WHere it says Live TV Movies and Series at the bottom you will see your Expiration date
If you need to pay for DriveMob go HERE 

If you DriveMob is working but Buffering then do this:

  1.  Test your internet speed on your Softbox.   Go to Tools and click “Speed Test” We like to see 10mbs or higher. Sometimes even as low as 2mbs will work OK with DriveMob.  If you have anything “KBS” your internet is too slow.  Contact y0ur internet supplier.  And also try connecting a direct line to the back or your Softbox.  If you can not run a wire that far, You can get an internet to power adapter for $37  HERE  This will greatly improve internet speeds.
  2.  If you still have a channel that is buffering and your internet speed is 10mbs or higher then we recommend trying another IPTV provider for that channel.  We have 4 to choose from and they all have different sources of the channels.  Try LIVE TV ONLINE which is the best IPTV you can get.  Or Dark Media which also works really well.  Get them HERE
  3.   Also Be sure to click on the 3 dots on the top and refresh your channels DAILY.
  4. Unplug your Softbox  Router and Modem for 10 minutes. then Plug back in.  This refreshes your internet and can really help improve things.
2 minutesread