How do I fix Buffering?

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  1. Check your internet speed by clicking the Speed Test tile on your Box in Tools
  2. Power Cycle: Unplug your Router, Modem and Softbox for 10 minutes. The re-plug in.
  3. Make Sure you are using the newest apps. To do this. Uninstall any apps you use, Do this by clicking on the gear at the top right. Then choosing Applications. Then finding the apps, and choosing UNINSTALL.  Then click on the tile on the homescreen to get the newest version.
  4. If you have buffering in DriveMob Pro- or other IPTV try or buy another service here: No IPTV is perfect, you may find a better source.
  5. If your is very slow. Less than 10mbs.  We recommend getting the iMPlayer and using it to download Movies and Series from Droid VOD. This way you can start the download, and return later to watch the show after the download completes.
  6. If you are having buffering in the Movie Apps like Cinema HD or Cyberflix, then get Real Debrid, and We also recommend trying different apps for the movie or show or different links: Real Debrid:
  7. If you are using PLEX.  Go to Settings at the Bottom Right. Then Go down to Quality or Video Settings. Then Click on Remote Streaming.  Lower this to a slower internet speed like 4mbs or less.
  8. If You are using An IPTV. Use the Tivimate App. Go to Setting by pressing the menu button in the TV guide. Then Go down to the Gear at the bottom right.  Then go to “Playback” Click on Buffer Size Change it to VERY LARGE.  This will make the channel take longer to load, but once it does its less likely to buffer.
  9. For Movies and TV Shows Get VOD. VOD has over 30,000 Movies and 2000 Shows that are one click play you can try or buy it here:
  10. Still buffering?  We highly recommend you connect to the internet with a direct line(Ethernet cable–Looks like a big phone cable).  If you can not run an Ethernet cable then get an Ethernet to Power adapter here. Go to Buy Now on the website written on top the box and find the Internet to Power Adapter.
  11. We also Highly recommend having a good router if you insist on running your box on WiFi.  If you prefer WiFi, then Get yourself a good router. The one included with your internet provider is ALWAYS junk, and blocks things on the box sometimes. Which is why we recommend doing a Power Cycle to refresh it regularly. GET a new Router Here:
  12. Also Please Note that if you want to run your Box on WiFi then it’s best to have the Newest Box. The newest box uses the new routers 5g speeds(200mbs).  Older boxes(from 2 years ago) only uses 2.4 ghz which will max out at 30mbs.(with a direct Ethernet line though will work amazingly)  To Get the newest box go to the website written on top your Box. Then choose: “Buy Now”
  13. Always shut off your Box by hitting the SHUT DOWN tile on the box.  Or configure your power button on the remote to shut down the Box completely.
  14. If you internet is 3mbs or lower. There is a trick.  In Cinema HD choose a movie or series you want. Then after the links load.  Click on the Download Arrow to the far left.  Leave for a few hours while it downloads.  Then return and watch it in Menu Hamburger top right/ Downloads.


In some very rare cases Even VOD, and Real DEBRID and all the IPTV services will not have a good source for what you’re looking for.  If you completed ALL of the above, then this VERY RARE. But if this is your situation then: you may want to see if your show is available on one of the paid services like Netflix, Amazon Prime, or Youtube Tv, by doing a Google search. Example Google: stream “Name of you show” 


3 minutesread