Welcome to our help page!

Here you will find Help Videos on using your box.

Your Box has Auto Updates meaning your box will stay updated on a monthly basis.

Be sure to watch the Get Started video for your box.

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Learn Your Box


Watch Videos that will show you how to use your box.

Here you will find help videos that will show you how to operate your box and how to use any app.  Just type in the search box the question or the name of the app you want to learn.

Knowing how to use your box is the best way to enjoy it.

Without a little bit of knowledge of how to use your box, you may be left feeling like you had poor results. But learn your box, and get optimal results everytime!

Monthly OTA Updates

Your box has weekly Auto Updates.  This means your box never becomes out dated.  And it will always be working at it's best.

Be sure to update when ever you are notified of an update.

This will keep your box working at it's best, and give you the best possible apps.  It's also an easy way to fix any issue you are having with your box.

Need On the Box Support?


We offer hands on training and support.

Schedule a time for us to call you, and Log on to your box and fix it for you or train you on something.  This is called the White Glove Setup.

Or you can fix your box yourself

Here you will find videos that will show you how to fix any issue yourself.  They are really easy to follow.  Or if you need to ask a question, just leave us a message here.