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DISCLAIMER:  None of the services below are hosted, sold, or managed by us. You can then log in here on the box: All these apps are available through the box X update. Go HERE to get it on your device.

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Drive Mob has over 2000 live channels.  And comes with 3 to 5 Connections. Get it for only $110 for the year, or 12 per month



Plex Has many thousands of movies and TV shows.  All one click play and very easy to use.  It also works great with Voice search with the New box.  Just hold down your Mic on the remote and search.  There is NO better option for Movies and TV shows



Empire has over 8000 channels. Great servers. and Top of the line TV Guide.  $156 for the year or $13 per month.

L Online


They have over 8000 channels, All the Sports packages, and a working TV Guide. The also are the only IPTV to have a working Catchup  section.  Meaning you can watch the game you missed yesterday or the day before.  They have a full VOD section. They also have  16000 Movies, and 3000 TV Series.  Starting at $22 per month