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DISCLAIMER:  None of the services below are hosted, sold, or managed by us. You can then log in here on the box: All these apps are available through the box X update. Go HERE to get it on your device.

L Online


They have over 8000 channels, All the Sports packages, and a working TV Guide. The also are the only IPTV to have a working Catchup  section.  Meaning you can watch the game you missed yesterday or the day before.  They have a full VOD section. They also have  16000 Movies, and 3000 TV Series.  Starting at $22 per month



Empire has over 8000 channels. Great servers. and Top of the line TV Guide.  $156 for the year or $13 per month.



Drive Mob has over 2000 live channels.  And comes with 3 to 5 Connections. Get it for only $110 for the year, or 12 per month