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UPDATE 02-16-21

App Updates:

Follow the video below to uninstall and update these apps.

  1. Bee TV
  2. Cinema
  3. Nova
  4. Tea TV
  5. Typhoon TV
  6. Viva
  7. Film plus
  8. Live-Net TV  Use this instead of Mobdro

Mobdro has been removed- It's been shut down.  use Live Net TV or get DriveMob in the IPTV section on the box.


Check out Using   Series Guide

Watch a video HERE to see how

HERE is a written Guide on how to use Seriesguide


How to update your Apps with Box X:

We Highly Recommend Using Real Debrid with your Movie and Show Apps.

Special News for DriveMob Customers!!

**Special News** for DriveMob those who have had DriveMob Subscriptions before 8-25-20.  DriveMob struck a Deal with Outlawz iptv to allow all loyal DriveMob customers who have had Drivemob to also get access to Outlawz Iptv.  Outlawz has 6000 live channels Channels and a very good TV Guide.  Just Go to Outlaw in LiveTV(in the new BOX X update)  and click on it, install and log in using your same DriveMob user and pass.  When your Subscription renews in DriveMob the free access to Outlawz will expire.  Those who still would like to have Outlawz as a backup to DriveMob(We Highly recommend this)  can get Outlawz by going to and clicking on Premium Services.


DriveMob has just acquired a source for 24/7 channels and as of today had 746 of them.  You should see this category when you click on “Live TV” on the left it is the 5th one down called 24/7 section.  If you do not see this you need to refresh your DNS. By doing the DriveMob fix we posted a couple days ago again.


DriveMob DNS refresh:


  1. In DriveMob Click on the 2 heads at the top right.  2.  Hold down your OK button or mouse button on the White box with your Drive Mob user. 3 Choose EDIT  4.   Then Click "Save and Login"     That's all you have to do.  If that does not work for you.  Then you can just Delete User and Relog back in.  When logging back in choose refresh DNS.


They have changed their categories around a little bit. Example: you will find Movie channels in USA now. DriveMob has also found a new source for the best TV guide available.  Within the next 2-3 weeks they should have it working like the TV works in Outlaw.  


To search and find a channel go to “All Channels” at the top left. Then click on the Magnifying glass at the top right and search your channel.  When you find your channel, hold down you OK or Mouse button on it and choose “Add to Favourite”


Want Local News in Greenville?

search Greenville and Find Fox 21, also Search Spartanburg and Find CBS 7


If you have started your Subscription before 8-25 with Drivemob don’t miss this opportunity to login to Outlawz and use it also until your subscription renews.

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