Box X Anywhere

Box X will make it easy to install all our apps on your TV devices.

Android Phone or Tablet

Just click on Box X below. Download and install it.  Or go to: in your browser.


We recommend avoiding the Firestick Lites. They don't run most apps very well. Firestick 4k or Cube or Max is better.

Android TV

Follow this for Softbox Go Black, any Android TV, or Onn devices.

Softbox Go

Google TV

Follow this for Softbox Go White boxes, and Google TV

Softbox Go Product Image

Android Box

Follow this for any android box. Such as MXQ, A95 and so on.

Nvidia Shield

Watch this video to see how to sideload an nvidia shield.  Install this App on your android phone or tablet first: Box X


This will work for any Softbox 4k Pro, Softbox X, and Softbox 4k. This WILL not work for Softbox GO. See Android TV above for that

iPhone or Apple device

It's not possible to install box X. But you can still use the individual services.  Click on Apps below. And choose your service for instructions.

Get Free Trials

After you install Box X. Go here to get Drivemob Pro, and Lime Pie for free for the Month.