Droid VOD

This will give you any info you need on Droid VOD

1. What is DriveMob Pro?

Droid VOD is a service with over 20,000 movies and TV series.  It also has a large selection of 24/7 content.  It is our top VOD service.  It will replace all of you streaming services such as Netflix, Hulu, HBO max, Disney Plus and many others.


Video Demo

Watch this video to see all that is possible with Droid VOD

Droid VOD Links

Use this URL for any custom Apps or iPhone (IPTV Smarters APP which can be found in the App Store or Play Store):


APK for Android Devices:

This would be the app to install if you are using an Old Softbox and did not have our Box X software.

Or Go to any brower such as Chrome and download this: http://drivemob.org/app/Droid_VOD_2.apk


The iMplayer App allows you schedule recordings.  It's also for more advanced users.  It costs $20 per year per device for access to this App. Go here if you are interested.  If you have slow internet, this also allows downloading.

4. Smarters App Tutorial

This will show you how to use the Smarters 3 APP in detail