iMPlayer Tutorial

Use iMPlayer like a pro and record all your favorite channels.

1. Logging in

This will show you how to log in using the management code you will receive from us in an email after purchase.

2. Navigation Essentials

This is important information on how to navigate every area of the app.  

Recording, External Drives, Clearing Space

This will show you all you need to know about how to record, saving all exteral drives, and also finding your recordings.

3. Search

How to search accross all accounts for channels, movies or shows.

4. Saving Favorites

This will show you how to save favorites in all the best ways.  You will also learn how to organize your favorites in order.

5. Button Customization

Save specific buttons on the remote to save favorites or start a recording

6. VOD and Plex

You can view Plex and VOD in the iMPlayer and even download the content.  This will show you how.

7. Parental Controls

Hide Groups or Channels, and lock them with a pin.

8. Organizing Categories

This will show you how to reorder or hide categories

10. Learn All the Menus 

This will go into detail on ALL the menus we are aware of.