Complete this course of videos to become a pro.

1. Plex Activating and Logging in

This will show you how to activate your plex invite, and log in to plex for the first time.

2.Organizing and Pinning

This will show you how to organize the categories and make it easier to navigate plex.  This also will show you how to change to TV mode if you need to.

3. No Buffering

This will show you how to adjust your video quality so you NEVER see buffering.  This can only be done in Plex.

4. Searching- Must watch

This will show you ALL the best ways to search in Plex.  Using Voice Search, and searching without voice directly in plex.

5. Creating Playlists

This will show you how to create playlists, customize them,delete them and find them.

6. Filtering

This is how to filter all the movies or shows in Plex.  You can filter by Genre, Actor, Year, release date, rating, and so much more!

7. Menus and Settings

This is an in depth walkthrough of the menus, and settings in Plex.

8. Plex on Mobile

This describes the Plex Pass and using plex on your Mobile Device.  To use Plex on any mobile device, download it from your playstore or app store.  Using Plex on mobile costs a $5 device fee, or a Plex Pass subscription.