Box X install

 This will show you how to install box X on Softbox Go

Watch the Video.  Or follow the written directions below.

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1. Set to Developer mode

Make sure you are on the home screen by pressing the Home Button on your Remote.

  1.  Click on the circle on the top right of the screen:

Then go down to settings. Click on Settings


Then go on down and click on "System". 

Then go down and choose "About"

Then Scroll all the way to the bottom to "Android TV OS build"


Click on "Android TV OS build"  7 times or more until you see it say:  "You are now a developer!"

2. Downloader

Press your House Button on your remote and make sure you are on the Home Screen.

Go over to and choose "Apps" in the top menu


Scroll down to the "Search for apps and games" Search bar.

search for apps

Search for "Downloader".  You can do this with voice search by clicking in the search bar until the keyboard pops up at the bottom. Then hold down the black button with circles in it on your remote, and say "Downloader"

Screenshot 2021-10-08 160507

Install Downloader, and then Open Downloader.

Keep press your OK button until you see the Keyboard pop up.

Then put enter the text:

Then click on the right arrow on the bottom right of the keyboard

3. Installing Box X

Box X will download. When it's complete.  Click OK button to choose Settings.  Then click the OK button again to Allow Downloader.  It should say "Allowed" under Downloader.

Screenshot 2021-10-08 161717

Press the back arrow on the remote to go back.

Press the Ok button to choose Install.  Then it will say. Box X2 Do you want to install this application?

Press the right Arrow and choose "Install"

Screenshot 2021-10-08 162516

When the install is complete. Choose Open. 

Press the Down arrow and click OK on Box X2 to Allow.  Always Allow Everything.

Screenshot 2021-10-08 162817

Then Press your Back arrow on your Remote.

Choose Allow

Screenshot 2021-10-08 163539

Box X is now opened up.  

Put in your email address and phone number.  Make sure this email is put in correctly and it is one you can check.

When you are done click on the Arrow on the bottom right onf your keyboard 2 times to submit.

You will then get a 4 digit code sent to your email.  Go to your Email and put in the 4 digit code and click on the arrow at the bottom right to submit it or click Next

Screenshot 2021-10-08 163949

Put in your credit card info and the 4 digit year and pay for Box X. 

4. Moving to Home Screen

Go to the home screen by pressing the Home Button.

Choose "Apps" in the top menu.

Go down to "Your apps"

Then Scroll to the Right in your Apps and find "Box X2"  It will be a Black box with a White X.  If you dont see it click "See All"  When you find it.  Hold down your Ok button on it and choose "Move"  Moive it to the far top Left to be in front of your other Apps.  This is the App you will click on to access all that is available in Box X and all the Special apps and IPTV.

Screenshot 2021-10-08 165045

When you are done moving the Box X App.  Press the Left arrow to finish and save it.