Quick Start

1. Quick Start video

This will show you how to log in to your apps.

2. How To use Drivemob Pro

This will show you how to use the XCIPTV app for Drivemob Pro.  Watch this. It will be worth your time. XCIPTV is one of the easiest apps to use for IPTV.  We have it available for Drivemob Pro, Empire, and a few other apps.  Learn How to use it here.

3. Learn the Droid VOD App

4. iMPlayer DVR for Live TV

This is the App to use if you have SLOW internet. It costs $20 per year to use. The iMPlayer is the single best player for IPTV.  It comes with the ability to schedule recording in advance and many other features.  It also allows you to Download movies and series from Droid VOD. 

5. Discord

Be sure to install Discord on your Phone so that your can report channels that are down in Drivemob Pro or movies that are down in Droid VOD.