Box X 101

Complete this course of videos to become a pro.

1. Getting started video

If you have not watched the getting started video, then make this the first thing you do.

2. Complete the Checklist

If you have not completed the Get Started checklist, Complete that list.  Those are the basic fundamentals.  Then we will get to the deeper stuff.

3. Learn Plex

Plex works pretty much every device out there. You can find it in all the App stores.  If you Click on the E at the top right you can get special libraries shared with you that will give you 1000's of movies and series.  This is by far the best choice for Movies and shows.  Try it for one month for $5. Use the Coupon code: drivemobplex21

4. iMPlayer DVR for Live TV

The iMPlayer is the single best player for IPTV.  It comes with the ability to schedule recording in advance and many other features.

5. Tivimate

It's highly recommended to have at least 2 IPTV services.  You can get them by clicking on the E at the top right.  Because these are not cable, you want to have a backup for you live channels.  And they cost very little so get 2 different ones to have different sources for your channels in case of issues with one.  The TiviMate app is one of the best Apps out there for IPTV services.  Learn it well, and you will be a happy customer.

6. Become a Buffering Guru

This will show every possible avenue to prevent buffering.  Once you learn these principles there is no reason to EVER have buffering again.

7. Save ALL Favorites

Using you will be able so save and track all your favorites across all your apps.  From Cinema to Netflix to Bee TV.

8. Using Cinema HD

Learn Cinema HD in Detail.  We recommend having plex also, or at least Real Debrid if you plan on using Cinema.  Cinema is a free app that will give you lots of Movies and Shows.

9. Series Guide

Series Guide is another Great way to track your favorite across all your apps.

10. Learn Real Debrid

Real Debrid is a bit harder to set up then plex. But it will make the free apps like Cinema hd and Bee TV have Much Better links with no buffering.  Real Debrid cost around $5 per month

11. Box X Everywhere

This will show you how to install Box X on any device that can take Android apps.